New Bridges Academics

Our Vision for How Children Learn

At New Bridges Elementary, we believe that children can and should be learning in every moment they are under our care and supervision. We seek, in each moment, to engage students in the exercise and development of their intellect and creativity. Our philosophy is that children learn best when instruction is thoroughly and purposefully planned; thoughtfully and responsibly delivered; individually differentiated; accountable to and adaptable based on data; engaging; joyful; and empowering.


Teachers and service providers work collaboratively to ensure instructional access points for all students. Systems, such as flexible groupings, and accommodations like individualized materials, leveled texts, and visually supportive charts, are in place in each classroom that allow lessons to be differentiated to meet students where they are. Teachers preteach, reteach, challenge and enrich.


Rigorous formative and summative assessments are used around the school on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Student performance, progress, and achievement is constantly measured and monitored in order to adjust, adapt, and individualize instruction. This allows us to apply comprehensive classroom and schoolwide level intervention for struggling learners.


Throughout the day at New Bridges Elementary, students are actively and meaningfully taking ownership of their own learning, growth, and development--whether they are engaged in a critical conversation about a book with peers, harmonizing in song, practicing yoga, writing a meaningful personal narrative, making predictions during a science experiment, testing solutions for a challenging math problem, or eagerly buried in their independent reading. Students do the heavy lifting of their learning with an emphasis on empowering student independence. Strategies are taught with an emphasis on adding them to a holistic toolbox for everyday use. We want students to be constantly building and strengthening their problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. Opportunities to access learning through artistic expression are utilized as often as possible.


New Bridges Elementary teachers and staff intentionally work to integrate creativity and joy into all aspects of the instructional day. With high behavioral expectations paired with a rigorous academic schedule, a joyous culture and a high level of energy is critical in keeping students engaged and happy. Joy is established through a calm, consistently positive tone from teachers, and is maintained through careful planning that integrates the arts, movement, cheers and music throughout the academic schedule.