Ms. Mahasin

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Ms. Mahasin has taught as a Kindergarten teacher for 8 years before joining the New Bridges community. Ms. Mahasin received her Bachelors degree from the University of Santa Cruz and she received her masters degree through the Teacher U program at Hunter college. Ms. Mahasin is a passionate teacher who is dedicated to providing developmentally appropriate and rigorous instruction that nurtures creativity within the children she teaches. Ms. Mahasin loves the arts and she enjoys reading, drawing, painting and listening to music.

Ms. Daphne


Ms. Daphne is excited to be entering her 3rd year of teaching Kindergarten at New Bridges. She graduated from MCNY with a Bachelor's in Human Services and from Mercy College with a Master's in Early Childhood Education with dual certification in general and special education. She is inspired by New Bridges vision of dreaming BIG, and it is her dream to help every student reach his/her full potential. Ms. Daphne enjoys dancing, baking & writing in her journal.

Ms. Mairead

This is Ms. Mairead’s second year at New Bridges. She is super excited to be teaching Kindergarten again! Ms. Mairead graduated with her Master’s in Childhood Education and Special Education from Fordham University. She loves swimming, traveling, and baking!

Mr. Antron

Mr. Antron Sykes was born in East New York, but raised in the South Bronx. As a former New York City public school student, Mr. Antron is astounded for his memorable early childhood experiences to come back full circle as he enters his sophomore year at New Bridges Elementary as a Kindergarten Special Education teacher. With a burning passion to instill DRIVE into his students, moving on to the first grade is only a flare in the torch in which he foresees his kindergarteners carrying. through rigorous academics and rewarding development of self, his students of crown heights will become future leaders that will eternalize confidence and perseverance to prosper against all odds.
Mr. Antron has a love for the arts, as he used it to as an instrument to channel his experiences as a child in the south Bronx. On his spare time he enjoys running, writing poetry, and the fine arts. Mr. Antron transfers his love for the arts into his daily instruction as an educator. He believes "The world is a canvas and we're all unique paint brushes leaving our imprint, and contributing to the bigger picture."










The Work of All

With parents as our partners, all members of the New Bridges community--from teachers and administrators to school safety officers and the cafeteria workers--share responsibility for nurturing and pushing all our students to success.