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September 2015 Arts Newsletter

Dear New Bridges Families,

We are excited to continue sharing the arts with the New Bridges community this year. We will use these Arts Update Newsletters periodically to inform you of what is happening in the arts here at school. This year, stay up to date at under ARTS.
This year, New Bridges students will have music, art, and dance classes! In addition to their arts classes, all students experience the arts every morning in Bright Start. Join us for Bright Start Family Friday on Friday, October 2nd at 8:00AM! Check out our past performances at and
We hope the resources in this newsletter help you better understand the rich artistic experiences your New Bridges student takes part in. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Artistically yours,
Ms. Alice | Music Teacher and Arts Coordinator |
Ms. Kelly | Art Teacher |
Ms. Yvonne | Dance Teacher |
Ms. Jamie | Music Teacher |

What are we doing in the arts?

As artists, we are…
  • Learning about different types of lines
  • Reviewing primary and secondary colors
  • Discussing how art can support the idea of peace
As musicians, we are…
  • Learning how to sing with breath support and placement
  • Playing various instruments with proper technique
  • Improvising rhythms through informal jam sessions
As dancers, we are…
  • Building our sense of body awareness
  • Using movements to express ourselves and learn
  • Exploring how dance can help us communicate

What can you do at home to support your child in the arts?

  • Ask your child what the role of the artist plays in the pursuit of peace
  • Pay attention to the different types of lines in the world and ask your child to re-create them.
  • Encourage your child to improvise rhythms with the music they hear in the world around them.
  • Have your child stomp, clap, pat, tap and more on their bodies and on different objects around them.
  • Encourage your child to see dance in everyday movements like walking down the street or getting dressed.
  • Ask your child what kind of dancing they like to do and why.

Upcoming Arts Events in New York City

  • September 26th, 3PM | Dance with Mark Morris Dance Group Family Class | 3 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn 11217
  • October 17th, 11AM-2PM | Fall Family Weekend Concerts at Carnegie Hall | 154 W 57th Street, Manhattan 10019
  • Frida Kahlo Art-Garden-Life Exhibit | Brooklyn Botanical Garden (until November 1st)
  • The Rise of Sneaker Culture | Brooklyn Museum (until October 4th) 
  • Fall for Dance Festival | NY City Center (September 30th - October 11th)
  • Bring Your Own Kid Concerts | 92YTribeca (Every Sunday 11AM)

For song lyrics and music media, check out